Welcome to the second 50 years

This year the San Francisco Police Activities League turned a half-century old. But along with the opportunity to look back at all our inspiring SFPAL champions — the kids who won the championships, the kids who tried, the kids who just worked hard everyday and the coaches who championed all of their causes every step of the way — it gives us a chance to look ahead. In this 50th year of SFPAL, our goal is no less to re-launch, re-energize, re-inspire the program that has benefitted so many young people in our community over the last five decades. So in the the coming months and years, you’re going to see a lot more talk and a lot more activity about this organization. You’re going to see more police involved. You’re going to see more civilians involved. You’re going to see more kids involved. You’re seeing our new website right now. And you’re going to be seeing new TV commercials to help drum up support. We’re hoping that, with the help of the community, this will be the best half-century SFPAL ever has.

Welcome to the new website

We wanted to make this more than a place where you could sign up and get schedules — though it’s even easier to do now than it was before. We wanted to make this an online community where you can browse through the history of this organization and post stories and photos of how you and your kids and teams and coaches are making SFPAL history of your own. Please take a few minutes to glance through all the sections and stories and the wonderful photos from the archives — maybe you’ll see an old picture of your dad, mom, grandpa, uncle or old school pal.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we’ve established the SFPAL Hall of Fame and inducting some of the tireless supporters and coaches who’ve kept us going and made us proud for 50 years. The inaugural class of the Hall of Fame includes: Gus Bruneman, Ed Chow, Gary Delagnes, Heather Fong, Pete Franceschi Sr., Pete Gardner, Rotea Gilford, Earl Gonsolin, Dan Hance, Sophia Isom, Jim Meyer, Joe Mollo, Ray Musante, Kevin Restani, Vera Rogulsky, Donald Strickland, Kelly Waterfield, Thelma Williams.

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Welcome to your SFPAL

This organization could never have made it 50 years and will not make it another 50 years without the constant support of the community. If you want to donate, you can do it here, easier than ever. If you want to volunteer, you can do it here, too. If you have questions about how you can help, you can both answer them and ask them here. Please don’t be shy. We want your questions. And we want your feedback. SFPAL belongs to all of San Francisco, whether you’re an officer or a civilian, grownup or kid, whether you still live here or you just still love it.