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Office Volunteers Needed

"Say Hello" Salesforce ad

We need volunteers in our office to help laminate soccer passes and to do some work updating information in our database. Call our office 415-401-4666 or fill out this form to volunteer.

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Soccer Parents: Nominate the Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year Nomination Form Image

We are now accepting Nominations for the Soccer Coach of the Year! The award is for our District of the California Youth Soccer Association. The winner for our District will be considered for the award for the entire state of …

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That Winless Wondrous Season

Five Players and the Chief With a Photo of the 1959 Team

What I remember most about that first SFPAL football team was that we had so much fun never winning a game. Not even one.  We were a perfect 0-8 for 1959. But we had the greatest home field in the …

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Captain David Lazar Asks You To Donate

Captain Lazar holding his young daughter with big smiles

Thirty years ago, David Lazar was a San Francisco teen who joined the SFPAL Law Enforcement Cadet program. Today, Captain Lazar is the commanding officer of the SFPD Police Academy, guiding the direction and training for the San Francisco Police …

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