The event is hosted at Kezar Stadium in partnership with SFPD and Park and Recreations and is free to all participants. The Kids’ Games are a friendly track meet at which youth, ranging from 5 to 14 years, compete in 25 and 50-meter dashes and a long-jump activity. All participants receive an award and a light and healthy lunch.

The event brings San Francisco Police Officers and the community together and introduces San Francisco youth to healthy activities in a supportive yet competitive environment. In a time when childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are at their peak, and athletic activity fees for inner-city youth are increasing or out of financial reach, SFPAL created an all-inclusive event, introducing a healthy lifestyle to the youth of San Francisco.

The event attracts over 400 youth, police officers, spectators, and vendors, who all enjoy a fun-filled day, create lasting memories for the youth and bring about positive interactions between police officers and the youth. The event also helps to plant the seed for healthy future lifestyles.

Please click here for pictures from our Kids’ Games event on May 7, 2023.

Please click here for pictures from our Kids’ Games event on May 22, 2022.

Please click here for pictures of our Kids’ Games event on May 5th, 2019.


  • Kids age

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  • 5-14

  • May 5

  • Free

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The following video clip beautifully depicts what the Kids’ Games are all about.

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