2016 SFPAL Golf Tournament

The 2016 SFPAL Annual Golf Tournament will be held June 2, 2016 at the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica. Information on entrant’s fees and other details can be found by calling the PAL Office at 415-401-4666GolfTournament2016

It’s Super Bowl Week!

In honor of Super Bowl 50 being played in the Bay Area, it felt like a good time for a little Kids vs. Cops scrimmage! SFPAL’s Conditioning Program and the Sandlot Program are both avenues that bring community youth and law enforcement officers together in a healthy and fun environment. Here are a couple of recent photos that prove the point! Could there be a future Cam Newton or Peyton Manning in this photo? Who knows? But, they’re off to a great start and having a good time in the process.