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About our Program

For more than fifty years, the PAL Seahawks Football program has played at Kimbell Field in the Western Addition. With the help of 30 volunteer coaches (many of whom were former PAL Seahawks themselves in their youth) Seahawks football is serving 200 young boys and girls every fall. SFPAL Seahawks is associated with Peninsula Pop Warner and Pop Warner Nationals.

Football is available for boys and girls ages 7-15. While registration begins in April, the season does not officially start unit August 1st. For the month of August, both football and cheer practice 5-days a week, Monday-Friday  from 5:00-7:00pm, in the Western Addition. After Labor Day, practice will then 3-days a week. Football and Cheer teams travel all round the Bay Area for game days, which are hosted either Saturday or Sunday.

Registration for SFPAL Seahawks Football & Cheer opens in April! If you have any questions about the Seahawks Program, please feel free to contact Gerald Creed or Otis Williams; Seahawks Co-Presidents at

Age/Weight Division


Certification Weight Range



45-90 lbs

JUNIOR PEE WEE (older/lighter)

8-9-10 11

60-105 lbs
60-85 lbs

PEE WEE (older/lighter)

9-10-11 12

75-120 lbs

75-100 lbs

JUNIOR MIDGET (older/lighter)

10-11-12 13

90-145 lbs

90-120 lbs

MIDGET (older/lighter)

12-13-14 15

105-170 lbs

105-140 lbs







2016 PAL Seahawks Tiny Mites Football Team

Football Coaches: Al Hardy and Andre Godwin

“Mama ‘Nita”, Cheer Director and Francesca Crenshaw, Scholastic Coordinator

Seahawks Sept. 2015








Seahawks Football Collage