Frequently Asked Questions

What sports can my child play?
SFPAL offers four athletic activities in addition to our Law Enforcement Cadet Program: Football, Cheerleading, Fishing, Judo, and Sandlot.

How old does my child have to be to play on a SFPAL team?
Each program has different age or grade requirements. The requirements are:

Cadets: 14–20
Football: 7-14
Cheerleading: 5–15
Fishing: 10-15
Judo: 7–17
Sandlot: 5-15

How can I find a team for my child?

If your child does not have a team, all is not lost. You can often find a team with room on its roster or that needs players to meet the minimum requirements to play. Check each program for information specific to that sport.

How can I find a coach for my child’s team?
If your team has lost a coach, or you have a new group of kids who want to play but can’t find a coach, SFPAL may be able to help. Contact the SFPAL office and let us know your particular situation. We know many coaches and may be able to help you find a match.

Can I volunteer to coach a team?
We love volunteers! Check the requirements for the sport you are interested in. Some sports require a special license or other material.

In general, coaches must fill out an SFPAL coach/adult volunteer form. Coaches must also pass a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. Contact SFPAL for further information.