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Do you know the thrill of having a friend pass you the ball or the laughter and high fives all around when your team pulls off a great play? What about the excitement of having a mentor tell you that your resume looks great? Have you called a huddle with your team and been able to tell them how proud you are or their hard work and collaboration, as their coach? Being part of a team makes a difference for everyone involved.

I’m asking for you to give even more San Francisco kids, volunteers and officers the positive experience of joining the SFPAL team by making your donation today.

Jamboree kids, parents, volunteers, staff, officers

November Basketball Jamboree kids, parents, volunteers, staff, officers – and there was cake!

Chief Greg Suhr at the Basketball Jamboree

Chief Greg Suhr at the Basketball Jamboree

By supporting young people, a lot changes in our community. “You can point right to the Chief’s philosophy: it is incredibly important that the police and San Francisco youth have positive interactions,” says Captain David Lazar, SFPAL board member (and former SFPAL kid).

“When kids see a squad car on the road, they are excited and friendly because the driver might be their basketball coach or the officer who helped them with their 3-point shot at a jamboree.”

Captain Lazar points out that many police officers have fond memories of mentors who helped them in their youth. He’d like more San Francisco kids to know the benefit of having a police officer as a mentor and to aspire to be officers themselves.

College Night for SFPAL Cadets

College Night for SFPAL Cadets

For example, PAL Law Enforcement Cadet Program students age 14–20 try life as a police officer through community service, leadership, rigorous physical training and year- round internships at stations across the city. Former Chief of Police Tony Ribera, PhD (a professor at University of San Francisco) hosts a college night for cadets and their families to explain the importance of higher education for a career in law enforcement or public service. This year, Chief Greg Suhr came to share his experience, as did Retired Captain Rick Bruce (SFPAL Board President) and SFPD PAL Cadet Coordinator Officer Edie Lewis.

Cadet Intern Ryan Prasadi said it was important that the event was so informative. “Many of the attendees were 15 or around that age, so this event was their first college experience. A lot of them were surprised: they weren’t very knowledgeable about USF or the programs they offer. Most cadets want to be police officers and a few want to be lawyers, yet they didn’t know there are many schools they could attend right here in San Francisco.”

Clockwise from top left: November Basketball Jamboree Champs, Girls Soccer Match, Cadet Graduation Celebration, Judo StudentOur SFPAL Law Enforcement Cadet Program is just one of many fabulous ways kids, volunteers and officers can all be part of the same team to make San Francisco a fun, safe, and just place to live. Thanks to the dedication of thousands of volunteer and staff coaches and mentors, we are able to expand registration for our traditional programs like soccer, basketball, Seahawks football, Junior Giants baseball, cheer and judo. We also in 2014 will take innovative new programs to the next stage such as: conditioning, special single-day events like basketball jamborees, as well as experiment with teaching forensics, communications and technology.

State Farm Pitch in Award, cheer and Seahawks FootballWe serve kids from every school, every neighborhood and every block. And as always, we never turn anyone away for inability to pay. We hope to one day to be able to say we never turn anyone away at all. Right now, our programs are so popular and the need is so great that we don’t have enough spots for everyone who wants to join in.

donate buttonYour donation makes the critical difference, helping us pay for another spot on our team!

Many thanks from the kids and all of us of San Francisco PAL.


Lorraine Woodruff-Long

Lorraine Woodruff-Long

Executive Director

 P.S. Please take a moment right now to donate – it is easy! You can charge your credit card, send a check in the enclosed envelope, donate online at SFPAL.org or call 415-401-4667.

Jobs at SFPAL: Spread the Word!

We have a lot of great opportunities: soccer referee, conditioning coach, field marshal! Check out these job descriptions and please share them with your friends and family.

200x200 soccer refSOCCER REFEREE

Do you love soccer and want to get out in the sun this spring? Find out more about becoming a referee for spring season March 15 – May 18, 2014 (Saturdays and some Sundays). Request more info about SFPAL soccer referee jobs.





200x200 conditioning registrationCONDITIONING COACH

Our new Western Addition conditioning program will help boys and girls of all sports improve their agility, skills, endurance and confidence. Thanks to a new grant, we will be significantly expanding over the next three years and are now hiring conditioning coaches. Do you have a passion for helping you to grow into the best they can be? Apply now! More about SFPAL Conditioning Coach jobs.




200x200 field marshall vanessaFIELD MARSHAL

Wow! Is that you in the orange jacket helping the ref, Vanessa? “Of course I had a lot of fun,” laughs Vanessa Rosales. “I’d never been a ref, but I played soccer. I love getting to help, especially the new referees.”

She will definitely be a Field Marshal again and recommends it! Vanessa gets everything she needs from the SFPAL office so that she can focus on making sure the kids have fun. “SFPAL is a reason to get out on the weekends: I love soccer and the kids are thrilled to be playing. I like being at Mission Playground all day, meeting different people. There is a lot of energy!”

Everyone loves the Field Marshals so much that we’re making them a permanent program! We will be posting the application soon. More about SFPAL Field Marshal jobs.

Spring Conditioning: Register Now!

200x200 conditioning registrationDuring the past two years, we have piloted a Spring Conditioning Program on Friday evenings for boys and girls in the Western Addition. It is a huge success and now is expanding!

It provides healthy physical activities with positive adult role models for kids. One added bonus: it keeps kids and adult mentors from the fall Seahawks Football and Cheer program together throughout the year!

More about SFPAL conditioning.

Soccer Coaches: You Must Earn Your F-License

200x200 soccer ballAll soccer team coaches must hold a valid F-License. If you are a new coach, we are hosting three F-Clinics before spring soccer begins.

The F-license Clinic is a 2 step process:

  1. each coach must pass a 12-question online test
  2. and then complete the field session.

Field session class size is limited to 15 coaches and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up today! More about SFPAL F-License Clinics.

2013 Photo Recap: Our Thanks to You!

SFPAL 2013 Recap SlideshowWe want to thank you for making sure San Francisco kids on every block and in every zip code benefit from the dedication of volunteer adult mentors and role models.

This special SFPAL 2013 Photo Recap is our thanks and tribute to you.

Please tag folks you want to honor and thank or share this with them!

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